Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Checklist before we begin


OpenGL software is included as part of operating system. If you think your copy is somehow missing then you can download them from Microsoft .
OpenGL libraries and header files are
• opengl32.lib
• glu32.lib
• gl.h
• glu.h

In my previous post, I discussed how to install GLUT.

Use OpenGL and GLUT in your code:

You will need to include following files in your code
  • gl.h
  • glu.h
  • glut.h
Project settings for Visual Studio 2010:
In your Project Property Page, you need to go to
Linker>Input>Additional Directories

make sure following are present there:opengl32.lib, glut32.lib, glu32.lib.

In your Source Code:
Use the include file in your source code.

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