Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Problems after upgrading to Android SDK 3.0

I recently upgraded to Android SDK 3.0 and I was loads of problem which I am to write about how I went tried to solve them:

After I downloaded the latest SDK installer and installed it , I ran Android SDK and SVD manager. It downloaded and installed all the required packages for 3.0 SDK....

I had to change my SDK path in Windows> Preferences>Android
Changed SDK location from E:\Softwares\android-sdk_r09-windows\android-sdk-windows to E:\Softwares\android-sdk_r10-windows\android-sdk-windows

I had unzipped/installed all my SDK(SDK zipped/installer file was downloaded from android developer website) files in E:\Softwares\android-sdk_r10-windows\android-sdk-windows

While I was trying to change this path, it would keep showing me that my ADT was old, so I had to download the newer 10.0 version of ADT.

How did I upgrade ADT ?
Help> Install New Software

Start typing in input field infront of Work with :

If you already have that added from your previous add, then it will display this website and you can double click on it to choose it.

If it doesnt display it, then click Add and Fill in Name as ADT and Location as

One more thing:If doesn't work out for you, as in if it gives connection problem then try

Ok. Now...In the space below where it says Name and Version, It will display :
Developer Tools.

If you take your mouse over it, then it will display expand buttons which you can click to expand it to see all the elements of Developer Tool. Check all of them because we need to install all of them.

After you have checked them all, just click finish !

It will take about 10 mins to 20 mins to download and install all the Android Developer Tools depending on your network speed.

After its all done. Now you can restart your Eclipse.

I had one more problem after I restarted the Eclipse and created a new Android project, it gace me following error:
Failed to load properties file for project

To solve that I did following:

I created a backup of all projects in my workspace and deleted everything from that folder.
I added following variables in my Environmental Variables:

System Variable>Path
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_23\bin;C:\Users\reetu\.android\avd

The path given above will change according to their location on your system like it depends where you installed your jdk or Android stuff !

Just check if you have these variables already added in there, then you dont need to do it.

How to Access Environmental Variables in Windows 7:
Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings> Advanced Tab

In the bottom of this Tab , you will be able to see the Environmental Variables.

Ok, after you finished adding them, try running your program..Although it was able to load the property files of my Android project but it gave me a new error :

Debug Certificate expired ...... Unknown Android Packaging Problem

TO solve this: I just deleted following file :


then, I just cleaned eclipse by doing following
Project>Clean >> Clean all projects.

Now restart the Eclipse and I was all set ! It was finally all working again like charm !!
Thanks.. :) Hope this helps anyone who reads this post.

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