Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to create your First Mac (Cocoa) App.

Ok folks, here comes the long awaited first tutorial for Mac Development, with recent rush in Mac applications, people are searching for Mac Development Tutorials more and more.....hope this helps...
Good thing is you always have interface builder to create your screen just like mobile app development.

1. Just open the Xcode and start a  new project.

2. Then you choose Cocoa Application.

3.Then you just give Product Name to your application and Create it and Save it on your computer.

4. This is what your screen will look like now. On the bottom right, you can find the object library where the Label UI component is highlighted, we will drag and drop it on Window - MyFirstMacApp.

5. Once you dropped it on the view, you can fix its width but not height.As you can see in the right side under view section, the height text field is greyed out.

6. Now we will write our text  on the label under Textfield section on right side (highlighted with blue color).

7. In the MainMenu file, you can find the options which will appear in the menu bar when you start the app.

8. Well basically we are done. Here is what happens you press the Run. You see a new window open with the label which says "This is my first app", which we wrote in the step 6.

9. And this is what the menu bar looks like which you can open as usual. In next coming tutorial, we will see how to do more UI stuff. Hope this does good for a just beginner.


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