Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ad Hoc Build in XCode 4.3+ and XCode 4.5

Things have changed a little bit for ad hoc. This post is for people who may face problem while trying to create adhoc. While trying to install .ipa on device through iTunes, it gives error "iTunes sync failed to start"

Make sure your mobile provisioning for ad-hoc and distribution certificate is installed before we proceed any further. You can go through my old post, it is very detailed, just to refresh things like how to create certificate and other required things.

Note: You can read captions on the image for more clarity.

Add Ad Hoc configuration by duplicating release (You can do that by pressing + sign))

You need to add distribution signing profile for Ad Hoc as well as Release.

Now on top left corner of your XCode screen. Click on project Name like here I click on MIMChartLIb

I get popup like this.Click on Edit Scheme.

Go to Archieve(Highlighted cell on left tableview). On right side,Change Build Configuration to Ad Hoc.Click OK.

Now go to Product > Archive

It will ask you to sign with keys. Click Allow or Always Allow.

After sometime, Organiser window will open displaying Archive. If not, You can open Organiser from Xcode Menu: Window>Organiser.

Clicking on Distribute button on previous screen, opens this. Choose second option here.
Next it asks for Code Signing Identity, Choose your Ad-Hoc distribution profile.

It will ask you to sign with the key Click Allow or Always Allow.

After sometime, it will ask you where to save your .ipa file. Thats it ! You select your location and click Save.


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