Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Create Vector Image using Quartz

So, here I am  laying in my hotel room bored, so  I thought  to write this code for creating vector image using quartz, and here is the result of my last 2 hours.

Looks like this image is going to be very popular, so this image given below is the original image.

If you see the code , then you will be able to find the code for filter 1, after filter 1 was applied, the image looked like following 

After filter 2 was applied, the unwanted white dots were removed.

After filter 3 was applied, the black area became more smoother ! and I would call this as my final result!

Applying the same piece of code gives following result... looks pretty cool for now :)

I was actually looking for photoshop tutorial on vector images, and I found some. One of them was using following image, so I downloaded it and tried  on that too.. Result looks very close to what he made with photoshop!


  1. it seems like you forgot to attach the code...

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