Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rounded Rect Image in iPhone

I am a woman of few words... so forgive me if I don't go about making stories
while explaining each and everything ... In my opinion, the picture speaks a
thousand words and video million of words.. as of now I can't do video tutorial right now
..I might eventually if I keep getting the developers support.

In my code, I have used DrawClass2 for creating the rounded rect image.
Note: Its not the rounded borders, it the rounded rect edges of image itself.

In MainClassController.m,
I have attached DrawClass2 view.

In DrawClass2.m
You can change the radius value to effect the roundedness of image'e edges.

For radius = 10.0, it looks like :

For radius = 20.0, it looks like :

Still waiting to find fast internet .. to finish upload of code.
It exists on this LINK.


  1. Hello Reetu

    Thanks for your amazing blog. The code seems missing for this post. Can you upload it.

    Thank you so much!