Friday, July 1, 2011

Use the social networks wisely !

Well. Honestly.. I didn't care when I switched from Orkut to Facebook and I wouldn't care much either if I move from FB to Google Plus. In the end, my purpose is to keep up with updates from my friends and share posts, articles with them. The thing is these social networks are nothing but a platform where people can connect, I don't really see it as a war of social networks with arrival of google+ but its more of a business where everyone is trying to make their base of users. Why ? Ad Revenue and thousands of other ways to make money out of their user base. I know one guy who is trying to create a political social network and his main motive is to control politicians through that website in the end which I find ridiculously funny. So all the social networks which I believe make our life more social and more easy to communicate. User must be aware of the hideous plans of the makers of social network and use these social network wisely. I am sure you guys must be aware of TED talk on Facebook . Watch it then decide what you want to share on these social networks ! :)

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