Thursday, August 25, 2011

Find if CGRect contains a point

So we have a point P(200,60) inside the rect and another point O(200,400) outside the rectangle. Now we want to find it out using iPhone code. Following is how we do it

       CGRect b=CGRectMake(40, 50, 280, 200);
    CGPoint p=CGPointMake(200, 60);
    CGPoint o=CGPointMake(200, 400);
    BOOL contains=CGRectContainsPoint(b, p);
    BOOL contains1=CGRectContainsPoint(b, o);
    if(contains) NSLog(@"yes"); else NSLog(@"no");
    //This will print yes because p is inside rect b
    if(contains1) NSLog(@"yes");else NSLog(@"no");
    //This will print no because o is inside rect b

If this is not what you were looking for CGRect, try this comprehensive LIST.


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