Monday, August 15, 2011

Wallgraph feature added in MIMChartLib.

A new feature has been added in the MIM Chart library called wallgraph.

It reads the value from .csv file and code automatically does all the scaling for you for Y as well as axis.
Currently Anchor Point exist only in the square shape, but I will add the circle as well. And filled/non-filled style for square/circle. I will add support where user can change the color of the graph from RED to color of choice.

All the relevant files exist in WallGraph folder of the project.
In WallTestClass.m  , wallGraph.xIsString=YESIf it is YES then code will assume the values of X axis are strings(like Jan, Feb, Mar etc etc) not int or float. 

You can find the code at the end of THIS POST.


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