Friday, June 17, 2011

Add Image in iPad Simulator.

You can do it very well  by using Safari !!!

1. If you want to transfer your photos which you have gather over  the time to your iPad Simulator.Then easiest way it to Open the Safari on iPad Simulator. Drag and drop that image on Simulator, it will open the image on Safari on Simulator. Long Press on it will ask you Save or Copy. You simple press Save.
Then you go to your Photos application of iPad. And you will be able to find your recently added photos in there !!

2. You can directly download the images from web. Open the desired webpage on Safari on iPad simulator. Long press on image of webpage which you would like to save. It will give option to Save the image, so you save it ! You will find that image in Photos application of your Simulator.

Drag and drop the image shows in Safari browser.

Long press on image shows the option to save or copy.

Photos Application on Simulator displays the image saved by you.

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