Wednesday, June 15, 2011

iOS Rich Text Editor

I recently posted an article about existing status of  Rich Text Editor APIs/Rich Text Editor Apps for iOS  HERE.

This is the article about my own iOS Rich Text Editor . I am going to name my little Rich Text Editor as MIM Text Editor.

So here is the first update. I am planning to release the open source API quickly before Apple's releases the iOS 5 in market.  My goal will be to make it really really easier for developers to use it. Just like Apple's way . Keep it simple !Developers will be able to just stick it into their application and it will be ready to go.

I have taken up a really huge project in my hand I know.. there are so many things which are possible in a rich text editor.. but a step further every day I am going to keep updating on this blog. And of course other interesting resources which I come across will be posted too ! :)

Screenshots of First Update are attached below. I know it sucks but these are the features I have just finished or they are being worked on for API release!  And all this I have come up with in few hours of work today so I guess its a good start !

Features I can have finished:

1. Write alphabets
2. Delete alphabets
3. Change Font
4. Change FontSize
5. Clear All Text on the editor Pad.
6. Change Color (Right now it just displays the standard Color, I want to do it more like Apple's color picker)
7. Keyboard Appears and Disappears  on user driven event.
8. Pointer

Here are the few screenshots

Screenshot which shows text in another font
 Here is the LINK to the post which mentions how to get the font family array for iOS

Screenshot of text with changed font size.

Newly added pointer feature.


  1. Hi Reetu,
    I found your post while searching for topic on rich text editing on iPhone/iPads. I am very interested in your project and would be keen to contribute if you are looking for some help.
    Have you thought about putting the code on github?


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