Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to find target audience on Twitter ?

I have recently been haunted by the universal question of how to reach people.  And reach right people. The people who will be really interested to know what you write about. For software developers.. they only google when they want to find out a particular programming related problems. Well as I don't have any sponsor to help me with advertising. Well I don't know if would like to spend on advertisement as I want it to be more real process. Like if some people like my blog because of its content then they will refer it to their friends.
But I think twitter is a great way to reach your audience as it keeps it short through microblogging so with just few words and time you can figure out whether you want to follow a person or not I was searching about it and I found this wonderful article by Lisa Orrell.
She has written good about resources which can help you achieve it. She has talked about

Twitter Search




There is another article from Swati Ramnath which talks about same topic, its a good read. LINK TO HER ARTICLE

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