Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Frameworks in iOS 5

Here are few new frameworks added in  iOS 5.

1.Core Image Framework - I thank Apple for bringing in this framework.. with this framework come huge possibility of image processing which is possible on iPhone OS 5 without having to deal with OPENGL now unless it is some something heavy ! Till now there was only Quartz available on iOS... but arrival of CoreImage as well its great !

There is face feature detection available as well in CoreImage. LINK

2.Twitter Framework- Thats convenient ! Knowing twitter has become a part of everyone's life.. and its expected to be there in every app if you want to share things in your app with world out there ! So great work.

3.Accounts Framework - It  can be used to manage account authentication process  in your application. It is used in with Twitter framework as well.

4.Generic Security Services Framework.

5. GLKit - Now this is a great framework which has been included to ease the use of OPENGL ES in the application by developers. It looks great with the options available to get it started easily.

  • The GLKView and GLKViewController  - view related classes which let you draw !
  • The GLKTextureLoader class provides image conversion and loading routines to your application, allowing it to automatically load texture images into your context. 
  • The GLKit framework provides implementations of vector, matrix, and quaternions as well as a matrix stack operation to provides the same functionality found in OpenGL ES 1.1.
  • The GLKBaseEffectGLKSkyboxEffect, and GLKReflectionMapEffect classes provide precreated, configurable graphics shaders that implement commonly used graphics operations. 

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