Sunday, June 26, 2011

Installing Github on MacOSX

Ok. After delaying the process for so many days, I decided to just do this task pending on my to-do list !
Now on, all my opensource projects/codes will be available on github repositories !
I have been constantly  getting hit by new ideas to do and my to-do list is just getting bigger day by day ! :)
So more articles will  be arriving on blog :)

Anyways. If you want to set up your github too. Here is the link to do so which is its official page. I followed the same :)


Note: After you follow steps on link above , if you are new then following are 2 topics are not specified in the link above. You can find them in following articles:

ARTICLE 1: How to upload fresh project on github?

ARTICLE 2: How to commit changes to your project on github?

There is a good news. I am trying to work on this opengl ES  tutorial series which is loosely based on the legendary NeHe opengl tutorial series. I will be following kind of same topics but in opengl ES :) Also going to put all the tutorial source code on the github. I have been getting constant emails about how the basic codes in my articles which I have uploaded so far have been helping people in getting things going. I am really really glad that I could be useful for the coder community.

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