Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Redo Undo in Paint feature !!

Finally, here is the most awaited code of the current request queues.
Well. I have implemented a very basic example of how to implement Redo- Undo using UIBezierPath.

MyLineDrawingView  is the drawing class (UIView subclass) where UIBezierPath are drawn.

DrawingController is the UIViewController subclass on which I have added redo-undo buttons along with the  MyLineDrawingView.

UI looks very crude and ugly .. I apologize but  I wanted to get the feature done to get the developers an idea.

Well I just want to stick some icons here so that this ugly posting may look little cute !

Download the code here


  1. Thats really Creat! with out using - (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect
    can we implement

    1. Hi,
      Can a UIBezierPath be drawn on the UIView without needing to put the code in the drawRect routine?

  2. Thanks for the sharing. It is so cool. Also, how can I save a png or jpg file after I finish drawing?

  3. thanx friend..this post is very Easy to understand and also helps to develop paint application
    but i am Finding some methode through wich we can make movie that we had drawn on iPad

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  5. A swift version would be very helpful. I also need to integrate with an eraser function. Any idea how I should proceed? Many thanks!