Saturday, June 11, 2011

Possibilities with iCloud,GameKit and iOS 5

1. Business Meeting Tools: With the arrival of iCloud there will be flood of business conferencing tools where users can share documents, pictures, voice chat, interactive chalk board for multiple users etc without having to deal with creating their own backend service from the scratch, It is all in there with iCloud and GameKit. The business conferencing which exist today on mobile domain are mainly from the people who already had existing web conferencing solution. Now ! A new era has begun.

For people who have seen the  future video which was created by some great geniuses in Microsoft about future devices of tech driven society.. Some of them might actually come true now.

2. Increase in productivity: iCloud definitely gives a boost in the overall productivity of a person. You don't have to worry about where you are.. you can just do your work with your documents wherever you are.

3. For creating applications for music sharing, pics sharing.. now they won't have to depend on their web service counterpart... you can use iCloud !! Now you can say bye bye to your PHP/Java developers who were helping you out to create the back end of  your  sharing based apps. Sharing is Caring after all in the modern times.


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